𝔹enedikBt Ûnterberger | Keys/Synths/Vox
ℂℏarles Ĥarm | Guit/Vox/Songwriting
ℂℏristian Ânicℏ | Bass/Guit/Synths

Former band members:

𝕍incent van0 Karsbergen | Drums

𝕄anBuel Ĥeiss | Guit/Violin
𝔻orian 𝕎inBdegger | Keys/Synths/Vox
ℙatrickB Ĥuter | Drums


ZETA PRIMES is a band based in Innsbruck in the eastern alps. They started from home recording projects of Charles Harm, that is me. In 2011 my Beethoven loving friend and college mate Bene Unterberger joined me to build up a live performance with whatever we can play at a time – guitars, synths, drum pedals. We played around 10 public shows with rock blunts scissors as our band name but usually played at private venues or at parties at home. A special thing was the invitation to play live as a side program of a political discussion Bene and I have both played dozens of concerts with former bands but during the show being told that 10.000 people were watching the live-stream didn't reduce the shaking of my fingers. An other highlight certainly was opening the show for Rocky Votolato in April 2012. It was weird to think of how often I listened to this man's voice in the song Suicide Medicine back in 2004. Later that year Manuel Heiss, a professional guitarist, joined us for two concerts and for an unplugged session with In That Little Town. I thought he was a guitarist but one hour before we started shooting that unplugged session Manu grabbed a violin at my place and made me want him to play violin in these videos. Too bad he was too busy to keep him. We actually never officially said goodby. Strictly speaking he is still in the band.

In September 2012 Tobi Pichler was motivated to make a video with us. I showed up with the very modest idea of Bene and I cracking the holy grale of mathematics, the Riemann hypothesis, and Matthias Helldoppler and Tobi took care of story-flow and pictures. So the story would be about the Riemann zeta function which provides a map of the distribution of prime numbers on the number line. At this time, tired of myself misspelling and mispronouncing rock blunts scissors, we changed our name to ZETA PRIMES. The final thing we called DOORS. It took us forever to complete. Like an idiot I went into the project with only the intro of the song being finished. We were already shooting when I finished recording my first full version. That made things really complicated. In had to adapt that version to the video, which kind of made the song lacking structure because I skipped the nice chorus that I wanted the piece to build on. Still I really like how it came out. It took the film makers only 9 months to finish and I recorded not many more than 100 slightly different versions of the song.

DOORS was luckily featured on which generated around 7000 plays on vimeo within a few days but that was it. We therefore could be positiv not having to share loads of money when we ask our friend Chrissi Anich to join us with his guitar and more synths. With Chrissi for the first time I felt like playing live sounds ok compared to our recordings. When he joined in September 2013 we rehearsed a more powerful version of a song called grape sugar three evenings in a row to prepare for a live video shooting on the fourth evening. The night before the shooting we changed the song and recorded a live version of The Lucasian Plan. It was also Chrissi who took care of the multi-channel recording which isn't easy at all. Concerning the video, it was Tobi Pichler once more who made something good. I had planned to place my DSLR camera on a tripod and show the whole song in a single static take to celebrate my ingenious idea of us sitting on a couch for 3 minutes. After I called Tobi in the afternoon to aks if he would have time to at least be at the shooting, I almost regretted my call because he organized professional film lights for free and made me pick them up during my working hours. Of course I thought we don't need those because we never need anything to be brilliant. Well, he knows what it takes and this stupid I can be. When the video was released we were asked to play at Innsbruck's coolest biggest party but with the comment to more or less only play songs like The Lucasian Plan. I said sure! I'll write you ten of such songs in a week. In fact I really tried in the weeks to come but failed. That's life. Of course we could have played but who wants to be responsible for sending people to a funeral with our whiny other songs during a dance party.

In September 2014 Vincent van Karsbergen joined as our drummer. This made us a circle of three physicists and one biologist having even longer discussions about life, the universe and everything (even though we all know the answer is 42). With Vince we could play our first show standing up in October 2014 instead of sitting in chairs because I didn't have to play miserable drums with my feet any longer. During November and December 2014 the song Tiny Fish was aired in a commercial on Austrian television for myboshi. A live highlight certainly was playing at Innsbruck’s p.m.k. Straßenfest in July 2015.

Later that year our young friend Pati Huter joined us as our new drummer. I build up something like a studio at my place and we prepared for our album release at our friends label Crony Records. In November 2015 we finished recordings for a song I had actually started recording 1.5 years earlier. I just couldn't get the vocals done. That's always the most difficult part for me but sometimes deadlines are what you need. Unfortunately I personally always need a deadline. We were told to be interviewed in our rehearsal room by a journalist from the main monthly local magazine 6020 Magazin. Thanks for the very nice article, Marianna Kastlunger! My deadline was to have a new video when the article is published. So I turned the trash chamber we used to squeeze in into a nice little studio, let Bene and Chrissi play their parts and more or less found peace with vocals for a song called Reunion. We shot a playback video in the old pool at my place for that song. We actually also exhaustively shot a science fiction video at the physics institute I worked until July 2015 but I haven't found the right song to it yet. Here are some stills form the video Vortices:

At the end of the year 2016 we played a show in Vienna. It was the first show with backing tracks supporting the music. We prepared for three weeks putting parts of my recordings, which we couldn't play live with only six hands on stage, into Chrissi's sampling station. That was a real pleasure. For the first time I didn't have the feeling, playing bad and thin versions of my recordings. Of course, one could say it is not exactly live. That is fine with me. The shows to come have been fantastic. I moved to Munich in 2019 and I still like it here. My appartment is the right place for a very old kid. It consists of a ground floor and a basement where my studio is. I am currently not publishing anything but I am working on the creation and production of a few songs worth spending time on. In November 2022, I showed the progress to Chrissi and Bene in Innsbruck in our old studio. To my surprise, they liked the songs and are still in to see what comes next. Since fall 2023 we get together every few weeks again in my old studio in Innsbruck.

Spend your idle time listening to a few unpublished versions of songs or new stuff:

Unfinished demo of a song called Awesome Days

New recording of The Lucasian Plan

New recording of Chances

Unpublished song Ghosts